Exploring Coffee

Passion House is a small batch roaster in Chicago, IL with the  idea that coffee can be playful, while still being sophisticated, complex, and nuanced. We house a team of passionate and determined individuals who are as unique as the coffees we roast. Whether you need a suggestion on which coffee to buy, brewing guides or which brewer would best suit your lifestyle, we are just an email, phone call, or tweet away.

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An Open Approach to Coffee

We’re here to provide an open approach to the world of specialty coffee. That is why we are took the time to create AME, our genre program.

Ambient: These simple beauties allow you to be either fully engaged in its subtle complexity or just gulp it down

Mainstream: You don’t need to be embarrassed because you love them, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the balance we expertly craft.

Experimental: These coffees push the boundaries of what you know coffee to be.

The Pursuit of Great Coffee

Finding unique coffee takes our search to all over the globe to bring you a quality cup from truly special small lot focused farms. We support farmers that dedicate there time to the intense care that is needed to grow and process coffee with intricately developed flavor profiles that end up in your cup at home.

Inquire About Our Services

Providing you with great coffee is the just the beginning. Our Wholesale trainers create a customized training program centered around the needs of your business & with your specific equipment in mind. We will assist you in acquiring everything from water filtration, to espresso machines, & brewing equipment.